Support of the activities within the Educational Program for the children and youth

Support of the activities within the Educational Program for the children and youth

Mystetskyi Arsenal today is on a phase of reconstruction. Fortunately with the help of joint efforts today it operates in a highly creative format making a polarization of Ukrainian Art, creating a cultural and artistic surrounding in Ukraine.

Our state step by step financing MystetskyiArsenal, at this stage it finances only the reconstruction of our building, that’s way our complex is in an especiallyhighly need of financial support for its current activities. We are believe, that supporting of the current activities of Mystetskyi Arsenal is the most necessary and effective way to help our complex today.

With building Museum for the future generations and seeking to improve the educational branch Mystetskyi Arsenal with the help of Mysteskiy Arsenal Fund starts the wide educational program for children and teenagers- a series of number of separate educational projects, which are united by one common goals and objectives. Among them there are projects that have been successfully implemented and now operating in the museums of USA.

  1. SPARK! Lab (Washington)
  2. Exploratorium (San Francisco)
  3. YOUMedia (Chicago)

Educational Program for children and teenagers in Mystetskyi Arsenal combines years of experience in the U.S. with Ukrainian content and unique educational-artistic program.

This direction is supported and has been agreed by the Expert Council of Mystetskyi Arsenal.

We want to remind you that you could absolutely free offer and discuss the directions of using funds.

Also take to the note-that on this phase we propose to collect funds for relatively expensive items. This is due to one of the fundamental principles of the project- the systematical phased reporting of spending the funds by its participants, as well as specifies of the project- objective inability in participation of certain groups (potential members have to be active Internet users).


Діловий світ України активно підтримує МИСТЕЦЬКИЙ АРСЕНАЛ!

Українські компанії та міжнародні представництва долучилися до благодійної програми на підтримку МИСТЕЦЬКОГО АРСЕНАЛУ.

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